Explory Scope Mount

A practical mount for your Explory spotting scope. Produced in aluminium for optimised durability, and thick rubber-feet for great stability. With it’s adjustable height range between 64cm and 170 cm you should be perfectly able to find just the right height for your needs with this Explory mount. The mounting head itself can turn 360 degrees as well as pivot 90 degrees, so you should be more than able to follow the object of your interest. The mount is foldable to a height of 70cm and will fit nicely into the included bag for easy transport.

  • Max height: 170cm
  • Min height: 64cm
  • Weight: 1850 gram
  • Max load: 4 kg

Explory Scope Tablemount

A compact mount which is easy to use as well as to transport. Fully foldable to minimal size it takes up little space and perfectly designed to bring along for those trips to the summerhouse. This tablemount is intended for Explory spotting scopes as well as cameras for that steady picture experience. The mounting head can turn 360 degrees and pivots in two directions, easily adjustable via the handle.